Dutch pie recipe with cream cheese

Dutch pie recipe with cream cheese

Who doesn't like Dutch pie? This biscuit, soft cream and chocolate dessert is a must have at family lunches, birthday parties, parties with friends and more. There are several Dutch pie recipes that differ in the ingredients used. This time I made it with cream cheese and I thought it was the best Dutch pie recipe I've ever made! The filling is very creamy and tasty, it's worth trying.

Check out how to make Dutch pie step by step in photos below so there's no doubt about it. Just prepare the biscuit base, beat the cream ingredients, make the ganache, assemble everything and reserve in the fridge. The result is a Dutch pavé pie that will leave everyone salivating!

Ingredients for making Dutch pie with cream cheese:

 450 grams of light cream cheese

 300 grams of white chocolate

 300 grams of semisweet chocolate

 200 grams of unsalted butter

 200 grams of cornstarch biscuit

 2½ cartons of sour cream

 3 tablespoons of refined sugar

 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence

 1 packet of Calypso biscuit

 ½ sachet of unflavored gelatin

How to make Dutch pie with cream cheese:

Process the cornstarch biscuits together with 150 grams of butter, turning into a moist crumb. Line a removable bottom pan with this mixture, then place the Calypso cookies around the pan, as shown in the picture, and refrigerate.

Tip: Place the Calypso cookies with the chocolate facing outwards, in other words, in contact with the mold.

Continuing, beat cream cheese with sugar and remaining butter in an electric mixer. When it is very creamy add the vanilla essence and then the cream, continue beating until it forms a light and homogeneous cream. Reserve.

If you want you can make homemade cream cheese - check out the cream cheese recipe.

Tip: Keep this cream in the fridge if you are preparing this dessert in the summer or if the room temperature in your house is warm.

Melt white chocolate in microwave or bain-marie. When it is already melted, add the gelatine already hydrated in 1/4 cup of hot filtered water. Mix the chocolate together with the cream preparing in the previous step and set aside in the refrigerator.

Now take the pan lined with the biscuit and butter crumbs and place the cream, spreading it well. Take the form back to the refrigerator, so that the cream is more consistent.

Tip: Tap again with the mold on the countertop or table to eliminate air bubbles and leave the cream very smooth.

At this point, melt the semisweet chocolate in the microwave or in a bain-marie and mix half a box of cream in it. Stir gently, forming a chocolate ganache that we will use to cover the cream cheese pie.

Cover the pie with the ganache from the previous step, spreading it well, and return the pie to the refrigerator. Leave for at least 4 hours before serving.

After the minimum time to finish our Dutch pie, just serve and enjoy this delicious dessert with cream cheese! Try it out and let us know in the comments what you think. Enjoy your food!

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